We produce a comprehensive selection of fume exhaust systems for removing dangerous acid and chemical pollutants from gas streams in both indoor and outdoor establishments. These units might be conventional sizes or customised (to fit a certain area, height, or layout desire) on demand.

It is feasible to provide a better and more effective system by providing all five aspects of the fume ventilation, exhaust, and cleaning system.

FRP Scrubbers

Our intended scrubber systems are built in accordance with pollution control board standards. Fiber Tech engineers provide scrubber systems that include gas collecting hoods, scrubbers with recirculation pipework and pumps, ducting networks, chimneys, and centrifugal exhaust blowers. They provide complete scrubbing systems made of FRP, PVC/FRP, PP/FRP, and other materials based on the client's specifications.

Our premium scrubber system line provides a full solution for dangerous gases. Fiber Tech engineers are creating scrubber systems ranging from 250 M3/HR to 80,000 M3/HR utilising PP/FRP, FRP, and PVC/FRP materials. There are more sectors outside the gas industry- like Chemical dyes, pharmaceutical pickling, steel pickling, and other processing plants

The Benefits of FRP Scrubbers

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Dyes
  • Durable
  • Low weight
  • Longer service life with less upkeep
  • Installation is inexpensive.
FRP Fume Exhaust System