We manufacture a variety of FRP duct that is specifically designed for air circulation applications. FRP ducting materials are weather resistant and offer several advantages over other traditional ducting systems. Fiber Tech's FRP cable ducting is a very durable and cost-effective device.

Our FRP duct for spinning mills is lightweight and simple to manufacture on-site. Our experts are also skilled in producing FRP couplers with a FRP support system that can be tailored to any working environment.

You may go through our extensive selection of FRP cable ducting profiles. Our engineers have extensive expertise supplying customised goods to clients all around the world.

Features of FRP Duct & Ducitng

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Rust prevention
  • Lightweight and low-maintenance
  • Simple to use and install Durable
  • created to order
  • withstands the elements
  • Water resistant
FRP Ducting